World respected reviewer Richard Fuller of Metaphysical Reviews said "Hidden Secrets"… "Kept this reviewer riveted…If you are looking for a work that is both provocative as well as entertaining, look no further"

Andy Lloyd of Europe's Largest and most popular UFO/Paranormal Website, Cosmic Conspiracies, said… "The first section of 'Hidden Secrets' devotes itself to the author's remarkable exposure to the paranormal…some of the experiences are right out of the Twilight Zone, particularly the ones involving buildings or interiors which were mysteriously re-located"

Reviewer Dwayne Eric McLeod said … "The book's ghost stories frightened me"..."The 9-11 connections scared me even more"… "This is definitely a book worth reading".

  After a lifetime of unusual, inexplicable and often terrifying events, a book was Supernaturally sent, as the author feels, to serve as a guide to a better life for us all. It revealed its true purpose and importance when the author was Supernaturally guided to discover that seventeen warnings, messages, and connections to 9-11, the war that followed, and events beyond that- connections to the very flight numbers of the planes used in the attacks, and a vivid description of the feelings of the world on 9-11-2001-were numerologically encoded in its pages. That book is Many, But One and is/was FULLY COPYRIGHTED FOUR YEARS BEFORE THE EVENTS!!!
Hidden Secrets of "Many, But One" will take you on an unforgettable two-part journey: from a journey through the author's often terror-filled early years spent in a haunted house, through many unexplained paranormal events and a touching and inspiring story of life after death, to the transmission of Many, But One with its seventeen findings. A comprehensive section explains each finding in detail, as well as demonstrating from the point of view of numerology the important and uncanny role the number 11 has played in the authors life and throughout history. A complete and unchanged version of Many, But One is presented. This Supernaturally  guided, lyrically based path of evident and encoded messages will take you on a memorable journey of self-discovery through many of life's challenges, feelings, and difficulties. Hidden Secrets of "Many, But One" is an excellent book for those who enjoy true "ghost stories," for those interested in the paranormal, and especially for those seeking a journey of self-discovery. It is a most unique and possibly life-changing gift.

The first chapter of Hidden Secrets of Many, But One


      My experiences with the supernatural and paranormal began very early in my life. The first event I can still vividly remember is of being a child of about 3 years old and standing in the kitchen of my Great-Grandmothers' house one hot summer night.
     The rest of my family, by family I mean my mother and father, I am an only child, was in the living room talking to my Great-Grandmother and I had wandered off to explore the house. It was my first time to be at her house and I was always naturally curious. For some reason I was drawn to look out of the window in the top section of the kitchen door. As if I almost felt like something was out there. My eyes were barely high enough to see out as I slowly pulled back the curtain and looked out into the yard. Her house was in a small country town and this was almost 40 years ago so the houses were few and far between and there were few lights at night in small country towns. At first I saw only total darkness, but then suddenly a light caught my eye. It seemed to just appear out of nowhere. As I watched it I realized it wasn't like anything I had seen before. It seemed to just be a ball of light attached to nothing or no one hovering about 3 feet off of the ground. The ball seemed as if it was going to float through the yard and then into a wooded area behind her house when suddenly it stopped midway through her yard. As I watched it, mesmerized by it, and of course being 3 having no fear or apprehension, only curiosity, it began to float slowly toward the kitchen door. It floated closer and closer to the window,   until it was only a few inches from me with only the glass between. I could now see clearly that it was not attached to anyone or anything, but truly was just a ball of medium bright white light about 3-4 inches wide. It floated before me for maybe 15 seconds as if it was looking at me. As if it was as curious about me as I was of it. Then slowly it drifted back to the center of the yard and moved into the woods. As I watched it disappeared into the trees and once again the yard was dark.
     Not understanding what had happened, but being very excited about it ,I immediately went into the living room and began to tell everybody what had just happened to me. They all looked at me and smiled as I described how a "ball of light" had come to "visit" me at the kitchen window. They all acted excited about it as you do with a child when they tell you an incredible story, but they of course didn't believe me. I never forgot what happened that night though.
     Years later I found out that my Great-Grandmother had been in the Eastern Star and that my Great-Grandfather, who had passed away before I was born, had been a 33rd degree Freemason. After doing a little research into the beliefs of the Eastern Star and Freemasons I discovered that they believe in the paranormal or supernatural maybe more than most people. I began to think maybe she believed me more than she said that night and just didn't say anything since at that time my parents had little or no belief in anything supernatural or paranormal.
     I only saw my Great-Grandmother a few times in my life but we always seemed to have a very close connection and bond to each other   for some reason.
     My young years after that night were filled with many paranormal and clairvoyant type events as if maybe the mysterious light had started them to happen in some way or had in some way opened a part of me. Many of the events were fairly minor ones like knowing who was on the telephone when it rang or who was at the door before you open it. Some were of a more major type such as strong intuitive feelings. Such as sensing things I shouldn't do or places I shouldn't go. Some of the messages and feelings were of a more major type, but were closely personal so I don't wish to go into them in this book at this time. Some are still affecting me today as I write this.
     By the age of about 9 years old I had lived in 2 rent houses and 2 apartments when my family was finally to settle in a small rent house where we would spend the next 8 years. The first truly permanent place we could call home. We were all overjoyed, especially me. Having lived in 2 different apartments over the last few previous years I was in heaven to be moving into a house with a huge yard to play in, and even bigger field behind the house, and an old horse barn as my private "clubhouse". The house was located at 1519 _____ Street and we nicknamed it "1519" and called it that from then on.
     As we became better acquainted with our new neighbors over time they began to tell us terrible stories of past events that had happened in our new house before we moved in. I heard terrible stories myself, and I'm sure when I wasn't present my parents were privy to much worse. Stories of the mistreatment and abuse of people and of mistreatment, abuse, and even mass killings of domestic animals within the house.
     My parents, as did I at the time, held a view that what happened in the past stayed in the past and that you should "let sleeping dogs lie" so to speak. Since my parents never pursued or verified any of these stories I will not present them or elaborate further on them here. I can however verify one thing. The room that was my bedroom at the time was supposedly the site of many of the events and deeply etched into the ceiling and covered with several layers of paint were strange symbols and cryptic words.
    When we moved in and for about the first year all seemed normal but that was about to change. What was to happen one innocent night changed us all forever.

Hidden Secrets Of Many, But One

By Donald Ryles PhD

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