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Dr. Donald Ryles---  #1 Google Ranked Blogger , Award-Winning Author , Alternatives Researcher , Transpersonal Counselor , Certified Hypnotist , And Trusted Advisor To Many World -Wide Says---
      Over the past 15 + years I have made contact with many experts and sources you have probably never heard of in areas often found off the beaten path . Many practice in areas thought of as unusual and controversial . If you are a seeker of such things you will find the answer to many of your questions here .
UFO, Conspiracy & Beyond
50 informative reports from undisclosed sources
...Secret experiments and missing people...Subliminal messages used as weapons...Mind control...Alien abductions...New World Order…Government secrets...mysteries...and more. A real eye-opener. PLUS this bonus pack included includes a full copy of Dr. Donald Ryles' "Paranormal Primer "...

The first report is "Were Humans
Designed By Aliens ?... Read it here
Hidden Secrets:The Strange Paranormal Life Of Dr. Donald Ryles.

Hidden Secrets will take you on an unforgettable two-part journey through the author's often terror-filled early years spent in a haunted house, through many unexplained paranormal events including  a touching and inspiring story of life after death, to the transmission of Many, But One with its seventeen unusual 9-11 connections which were encoded and copyrighted in the work 4
years prior to 9-11.  Read the first chapter.
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